Luxury shoes

Creativity, quality, refinement and exclusive service. Since 1994, Mercedeh-Shoes sets gold standards in the world of luxury shoes with a unique, ever evolving, approach. Founded by a fashion addict dedicated to all modern women needs, Mercedeh-Shoes brings you the best collections of the world’s most prestigious creators. Our branded shoes are distributed all over the planet. Shops in Monaco, Monte-Carlo and Cannes all represent luxury fashion and all its singular aspects. Mercedeh has devoted herself to the selection of the most original, elegant, and exclusive shoes. Tight collaboration with the most innovative designers – known worldwide for the excellence of their expertise in blending high quality materials and modern functionality – has grown to a unique philosophy of luxury.

Women’s luxury shoes online

Our online shop is dedicated to women dreaming of wearing avant-gardist shoes while carrying a luxury brand’s handbag. Mercedeh-Shoes offers you the finest selection of luxury shoes, handbags and customized accessories. All collections are updated all year long. Our products are selected for sophisticated, self-confident customers, willing to commit to excellence. You can smoothly navigate through our website to find specific creators, categories (women shoes, accessories) or styles ( luxury pumps, luxury boots half-boots, over-knees, ballerinas, luxury sneakers, loafers, espadrilles).

A State of Mind

It’s about something more than buying luxury shoes. It’s about a lifestyle : yours. Mercedeh-Shoes goes beyond modernity and femininity to reach a unique state of mind. Selecting an accessory is like teasing boundaries of imagination to craft a new reality where women embody the world’s finest beauties. All colors and high-quality materials can be wear in TOTAL LOOK or by small samples. Curves and designs offer an urban and modern look. You create your own subtle mix between natural, artificial, classic and extravagant styles. It’s your call, all luxury styles inspired by modern fashion are gathered at Mercedeh- Shoes.